Monday, July 26, 2010

Turn the page, start a new chapter, and keep writing your story!

So, I have this obsession with quotes, which if you don't already know, you will catch on quickly. But I just love it when I find a quote that fits perfectly with what I am struggling with, or excited about, and pretty much for anything I think or feel, there is a quote for!

Today I found a quote that fits my life pretty well right now. The quote is "Move on, it's just a chapter in the past. But don't close the book, just turn the page." I find this quote very appropriate for my life right now. I have gone through somethings that have really tested my faith, and things that have made me struggle more than I ever have. And as hard as it is to move on, I know it is what's best for me right now. And I always though that moving on meant starting completely over again(starting a new book), but I realized that I was wrong. Moving on just means that you move forward with things(turning the page, and starting a new chapter). Books don't have the exact same story line in every chapter. Things change, that is what new chapters are for. New story lines, different ideas, other characters. Think how boring a book would be if the story stayed the same the whole book, no new characters, ideas, or stories. After all that is what makes stories so enjoyable! You don't know what is going to happen next, or who will enter the story. So it is with our lives! That is what makes it exciting, we never know who or what is coming next! So moving on means don't let things get in the way of your own story progressing, but don't start completely over either. Maybe moving on just means that something minor needs to be changed. Maybe it's your attitude, or your approach, your direction. But just because you need to change one of them doesn't mean that you have to change them all. This is something that I am learning quickly. Life throws you so many curve balls that if you had to start all over every time you wouldn't get very far(and you wouldn't have a very good story either). Instead life is about learning to deal with change and embrace it as it comes. To incorporate it in with what you are already doing(make it a part of your story). We are in this life to learn and to grow and be tested. Change is a huge part of our learning and growing process. Change is inevitable, we can't stop it, so why not make the best of it. After all we are the ones who decide if we will be happy or not. No one else can decide that for us. We can make the best of every situation. Bad things might happen, or things that we may not have expected, but we can still be happy. We can continue on this journey and be successful and enjoy life, even through our trials! Happiness is a decision not a destination. So if you CHOOSE to be happy, you WILL be!!

So in short keep writing your story, don't let things get in the way or get you down, and if you choose to be happy you will be, and your story will have a happy ending!


Candace said...

You may get sick of me commenting but... I LOVE THIS! So much, it fits so perfectly! Thanks for writing this!

Linda said...

Wow that is awesome I love that quote it is perfect for anyone and especially for you right now! I love how you explained it your such a great writer and I hope you can keep writing in your book and turn the page cuz I'm sure it is gonna be an amazing book! Love ya

Brianna said...

Thanks Linda!! You are awesome!!

and candace you can comment whenever you want!

Dani Miser said...

I am Dani Miser, author of Single Woman Seeks Perfect Man (A Christian book for singles). God has put it on my heart to continue writing my second book which will encourage prospective adoptive parents. The Holy Spirit led me to your site for just the encouragement I needed. Thanks! I love this blog entry!